4 Bulletproof Reasons to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company


Running a successful business means focusing your energy on what you do best and delegating other tasks. For instance, instead of handling sanitation in-house, you can hire a commercial cleaning company.

Unless you run a commercial cleaning company of own, you and your staff are probably unfamiliar with best practices for workplace cleaning. You won’t know the best strategies for cleaning carpets, the best methods for removing stains in the break room, or the best disinfectants for eliminating bathroom bacteria. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, are expects in all of these tasks. By hiring a cleaning company to tackle these jobs, you can focus more of your time and more of your resources on day-to-day operations, generating revenue, and growing your business.

If that’s not reason enough to hire professional cleaning services, here are another four reasons why you should hire a commercial cleaning company to handle your sanitation needs.



Commercial Cleaning Companies Improve Hygiene

The costs of an unhygienic workplace are substantially higher than many business owners realize. Every year, US employers lose rougly $85 billion to poor workforce health. The biggest contributors to these costs include: short-term and long-term illnesses contracted while at work; respiratory conditions caused or aggravated by poor workplace air quality; and mental health concerns related to the work environment. By hiring a commercial cleaning company, you can defend your workforce against the spread of illness, improve air quality in your workplace, and create a more supportive space for your employees to work.

Cleanliness Encourages Worker Morale & Productivity

A cleaner workplace doesn’t just mean healthier workers — it also means happier workers. Common sense tells us that people are happier working in clean, attractive, well-organized spaces, and research backs this up. Studies have found that employers report higher rates of job satisfaction in workplaces with strong cleaning practices in place. This creates a healthier sense of community, reducing the rate of workforce turnover. Research has also found that employees are more productive and make fewer mistakes in these work environments.

Professional Cleaners Save You Time & Money

By hiring a commercial cleaning company, you can tackle workplace hygiene more cost-effectively. Professional cleaners perform their duties more efficiently than employee cleaners, which reduces the time — and, by extension, the cost — it takes to clean your workplace. Just as important, your employees have more time to spend on the work they’ve been hired to perform, instead of wiping down desks and cleaning the floors. When the cleaning company utilizes its own equipment and materials, you’ll also save the money it would take to purchase these items.

Customers & Clients Value a Clean Space

If your customers regularly see the inside of your workspace, you need to be concerned about your professional image. Scuffed floors, unpleasant odors, and dusty surfaces are a red flag to customers and clients about how you conduct your business. Meanwhile, surveys have shown that up to 80% of customers won’t return to a business with dirty bathrooms. If you’re going to win new business and maintain your standing with your existing clientele, a clean and attractive space is a must-have. There’s no better way to achieve this than hiring a commercial cleaning company.

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