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Our team from our commercial janitorial services have put together a list to help you clean your commercial building in Colorado Springs, CO

We spend the majority of our day within the confines of our offices, with that being said, your office space should be a place of cleanliness and comfort. Having an untidy or messy office environment can have a negative effect on your employee’s productivity at work. The best way to influence them positively is to create a space that invigorates and excites them to be in every day. Our team from our commercial janitorial services created a list of 5 simple cleaning tips that will help keep your office environment in better shape and your employees and customers happy.

1. Remove Clutter, Debris, and Dust

One common culprit in an office space is dust. Any space where people frequently gather is going to accumulate dust. It builds upon desks and surfaces throughout the space. Clutter and debris on desks can also make it difficult to clean the dust off quickly and efficiently. Make sure all desks are properly organized and free of garbage. Our commercial janitorial services will on a weekly basis wipe all surfaces in the office to clear the dust. This will also help eliminate allergens and sickness.

2. Make it Smell Like Home

Many offices are guilty of not taking care of floors or carpets properly in the workspace. With all of the things going in it can be simple to continuously push the thought to the back of your mind. Carpets and floors, however, will absorb many unpleasant smells the longer they go without a professional cleaning. Consider bringing in commercial janitorial services on a regular basis to shampoo and clean your office floors. Studies show that if you want to create a positive and productive environment the best scent to use in the office is Orange.

3. Sweep the Floor

First impressions are important, and what will your customers think if they come into your office space only to see accumulated debris and dirt on your floors? Nightly, you should be sweeping all floors to make sure they are fresh and new for the following day. With all of the traffic of your employees who are wearing shoes, it’s the best plan of action to keep a reputable impression to your customers.

4. Don’t Forget to Take Out the Trash

Every day your employees are eating up to two meals inside the office. They may even indulge in a few snacks. This means drinks, wrappers, unfinished food, and more end up in the garbage bins throughout the office. When garbage isn’t taken out on a regular basis this garbage can produce critters like fruit flies and unpleasant smells that no one wants to work in.

5. Clean Phones and Keyboards

The top spreaders of germs in your office space are phones and keyboards! With their constant contact with hands throughout the day, they collect a lot of nasty bacteria. Wipe them down with anti-bacterial wipes every day to bring down the possibility of sickness spreading through your office.

These simple tips from our commercial janitorial services team can hopefully help you to keep your office space in a tidier state. However, we understand that running a business is extremely time-consuming making it difficult to focus on time spent cleaning and tidying your workspace. JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning of Southern Colorado can provide commercial janitorial services for your workspace, making sure the job gets done without any hassles or interruption to your work production. Contact us today to learn more!