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Why school cleaning services can help your daycare stay clean in Colorado Spring, CO, and the surrounding areas

Parents rely on daycares to watch and protect their children. Daycares have parents from all walks of life entrusting their children in their care. It’s up to the daycare to meet the needs of parents, and one of the biggest concerns when choosing a daycare is cleanliness. Having the daycare clean is vital so you should not cut corners. Cleaning and safety are paramount, and these factors are one of the easiest ways to stand out from the competition with our school cleaning services.

Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect

Kids touch their faces, put toys in their mouths and spread germs. Viruses and bacteria spread fast in a dirty daycare. Parents want a clean daycare so that they can avoid this spread of bacteria and viruses. Green cleaners are the optimal choice in a daycare.

When working with our school cleaning services, you’ll want to request:

  • A list of cleaners used and on what
  • Green cleaners are used when possible

You’ll want to ensure that:

  • Sanitizers, which reduce surface bacteria, clean surfaces to an acceptable, safe level
  • Disinfectants, which destroy bacteria and viruses, are used when appropriate
  • Green cleaners are used for dirt and most contaminants

Always opt for the safest, least harsh cleaning products to keep the space clean yet safe for children.

Hand Cleaning Routines

Parents will still send their kids to daycare sick. Mom or dad has to go to work, and they send their child to daycare even when they have the sniffles or a cold. The problem is that one child’s cold can turn into the problem often parents that all have kids with stuffy noses, sneezes, and fevers.

You can’t fully stop a child’s risk of getting sick, but you can greatly lower the risk with a hand cleaning routine.

Sit down and formulate a hand cleaning routine that must be followed by all children. The right routine will reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. This can also be a fun time to teach children how and when to wash their hands. You also have to set realistic expectations.

Throughout the day, kids are going to make a mess, and germs are going to spread. You can train staff to clean up periodically during the day, too. School cleaning services can provide deep cleaning after each day. Employees should be educated on the types of cleaning products you have stocked in the daycare as well as when is appropriate for each product to be used.

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