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Our office building cleaning service will make sure that your office is spotless in Colorado Springs, CO

Not every provider includes regular deep cleaning services with their office building cleaning service. It is important to check whether or not these services have been performed and when the last time was that your office had one. JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning of Southern Colorado makes sure that you are aware of all of your office deep cleaning options with our services.

We recommend a fairly regular schedule of deep cleaning if not once a month to assure your office is in top shape. You might be asking what’s the difference? If you’re already having daily or weekly office building cleaning service at your office, what more does deep cleaning provide?

It’s time for you to call JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning of Southern Colorado so we can help you understand the importance of our deep office building cleaning service that includes:

  • High dusting of vents and light fixtures throughout the office
  • Making sure all drapes, windowsills, blinds and other window fixtures are properly cleaned
  • Getting rid of dust that accumulates in areas of the walls and light switches
  • Cleaning and disinfecting doors and doorknobs throughout the workplace
  • Assuring all baseboards look pristine and dust-free
  • Thoroughly vacuum, mop, and scrub floors in areas underneath furniture that are not usually cleaned or maintained.
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces that were previously unavailable due to employee belongings, this will require them to remove them for cleaning.
  • Sanitize and remove debris stuck in keyboards or on computer screens
  • Check that all kitchen cabinets and appliances are wiped down and free from debris, trash, and bacteria growth.
  • Deep clean restroom walls, toilets, urinals, sinks, and other lavatory fixtures.
  • Provide a professional machine scrub and clean of restroom floors to eliminate any potential odors from urine and other substances.
  • Re-do any caulking in the restrooms that shows sign of wear and tear.

When scheduling a deep cleaning the following cleaning services should always be requested:

  • Window cleaning
  • Strip and Wax of floors
  • A dusting of high areas like ceilings and fans
  • Deep cleaning of carpets

Call JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning of Southern Colorado today so you can stay on top of the deep cleaning solutions your office needs. We can also provide you with an array of information on the many other janitorial services we provide our customers. You can reach us at (719) 264-1117 to learn more about our office building cleaning service!