Fitness Center / Health Clubs

Let Jan-Pro give your fitness center our daily workout.
Maintaining high standards in personal fitness requires a level of personal commitment. Without goals, and a plan for achieving them, the right results are hard to realize. It’s the same with janitorial services. To operate a clean and well maintained facility takes planning, and JAN-PRO has a plan we’d like to share.
  • First, We Set Goals Together — The JAN-PRO® approach is to sit down with you to determine what your specific needs are.
  • Our Proposal Becomes Our Action Plan — JAN-PRO® management closely examines your facility and factors all its recommendations and costs into a detailed proposal, for your approval, including specific goals.
  • Then We Hit the Cleaning Circuit — An experienced JAN-PRO® team is assigned to your facility and intimately briefed on your specific cleaning needs. We take extra care to disinfect all high-touch areas such as training equipment, locker rooms, showers, and change areas.
  • Along the Way We Measure Our Results — Just as an athlete would, we regularly measure our actual performance fifty different ways using our exclusive, state-of-the-art measurement tools: JAN-PRO Tracker®, JAN-PRO Technics® and JAN-PRO Signature Clean®. These tools keep us on task and on time.
  • We Work Cleaner and Greener — Our environmentally friendly cleaning products, equipment and processes all exceed OSHA requirements. Our four quat, hospital-strength disinfectants kill a broad spectrum of bacteria with low volume usage.
  • Train More to Win More — All JAN-PRO® cleaning crews undergo rigorous background checks and are given five weeks of intensive training, the most comprehensive in our industry. They always wear clearly identified uniforms with prominently displayed I/D badges for greater security.
  • A Fitter Facility — That’s Our Exclusive Guarantee — JAN-PRO is so confident of its services, we are the only commercial cleaning company to guarantee your satisfaction with them through our exclusive JAN-PRO® Guarantee.

If JAN-PRO sounds like the right kind of commercial cleaning partner for your property, please contact your local JAN-PRO® representative.

A Satisfied Customer

“JAN-PRO does a very nice job and they are friendly and respectful. They always keep in communication with us about any of our needs.”