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JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning of Southern Colorado Provides Specialist Cleaning Services for Retail Stores in Colorado Springs, CO, and the Surrounding Areas

Learn more about how our specialist cleaning services can help keep your retail store clean in Colorado Springs, CO

First impressions matter in the commercial world. You can lose a sale or an opportunity by not paying attention to the fine details of your workspace. Dirty floors or bathrooms can mean the difference between a customer leaving happily with items in their hand, or a potential contract walking out the door. With our specialist cleaning services, we provide the attention to details for your cleaning that go beyond your services.

Trust in the Experts

You can be confident that our cleaning team has the skills and experience needed to clean large retail stores, box stores, or small boutiques. Our franchisees are owner-operators and provide custom specialist cleaning services plans specific to your business’s needs.

When you work with us:

  • We’ll provide specialist cleaning services that offer our proprietary disinfection system, leaves rooms odorless and residue-free.
  • Our cleaners will fight stains and odors in your public and private bathrooms. We’re also able to pay special attention to the high touch areas in the room, such as the door handles.
  • We’ll use cleaning cloths, pads, and microfiber products. We’re able to trap dirt and dust while eliminating the spread of germs like non-microfiber products tend to do.
  • Your flooring takes a beating all day long, and our cleaning will restore your carpet, hardwood flooring, ceramic or rubber. We offer intensive cleaning services to help keep your floor looking like new for longer.
  • Our experts utilize green cleaning products and procedures that reduce harmful cleaning agents from your retail store while also providing the best cleaning possible.
  • Our services use all recommendations and standards when dealing with chemical products.
  • We provide a 50-point service inspection to ensure the best results with every cleaning.

If you’re interested in having the cleanest retail store around, give us a call today at (719) 264-1117 for a free cleaning estimate for our specialist cleaning services.