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Our janitorial services can help keep your bathroom clean and disinfected in Colorado Springs, CO

The truth is bathrooms are a constant area of concern in the workplace for employers when it comes to keeping them clean and sanitized. How do you know that all of the necessary janitorial services are taking place to assure the right cleaning methods for these areas? Bathrooms can be a place for many bacteria to grow like e-coli, streptococcus, and salmonella. We all know those bacteria can cause an array of illnesses when employees are exposed.

With the many numbers of ways, bathrooms can contribute to employee health hazards knowing how to tackle properly sanitizing them is the best way to assure your business remains productive and employees feel comfortable at work. First, we need to understand the many issues that can arise in the bathroom as it pertains to hygiene.

Many bathrooms have surfaces that are constantly being touched by others, this can include the faucets, soap dispensers, towels, hand dryers and so on. Employees will touch these surfaces when their hands have not been thoroughly cleaned yet. This is made worse by employees who do not follow proper handwashing techniques.

Another phenomenon in workplace restrooms is called, “toilet plume.” When a toilet flushes naturally a mist of bacteria rises from the toilet and lands on nearby surfaces in the restroom. It is not a pretty thing to think about, but it happens. What makes it worse is workplaces that utilize toilets with no lids, or that have employees that are not conscientious about bathroom etiquette and closing the lid before flushing.

Now that we have addressed the crucial hygiene areas that affect workplace restrooms let’s discuss the janitorial services that provide the most effective cleaning to make sure your bathrooms remain safe and healthy for everyone.

The Right Janitorial Services to Clean and Disinfect Workplace Bathrooms

If you’re evaluating a potential new cleaning company, or you are trying to assure your current provider meets your needs, consider the below services you should be expecting from them when it comes to bathroom janitorial services.

  • High-Touch Cleaning & Disinfection. The best way to tackle any bathroom cleaning is to focus on the proper disinfection of all high-touch areas and surfaces within. This will reduce the spread of infectious bacteria limiting health hazards for employees.
  • Professional Bathroom Disinfection. JAN-PRO uses professional cleaning products that eliminate up to 99.99% of bathroom bacteria. This cleaning product is not only safe for you and your staff to be in contact with, but it is also helpful to the environment. Many providers might skimp on cleaning products that are not nearly as effective to save a few dollars. Always look into the products that are being used.
  • Bathroom Odor Neutralization. Avoid janitorial companies that choose to simply mask-odors in the restroom instead of taking care of the problem. There are a number of health concerns and bacteria issues that can stem from these odors or even cause them. The best janitorial service providers will go after the cause of the problem, which is typically odor-causing bacteria and fungi that can grow on the floors.
  • Microfiber Cloths & Mop Pads. Microfiber cloths are an industry best practice for use when cleaning workplace restrooms. These Microfibers can pick up more than 99% of bacteria when used. This percentage is dramatic and provide your restrooms with an unmatched sparkle and shine. Always check what your providers are using.
  • Color-Coded Cleaning Materials. Many do not think about cross-contamination issues from janitorial services, but they exist. Would you want the same cloth that wiped down the bathroom sink to be used on your desk afterward? We did not think so. JAN-PRO focuses on using color-coded specific cleaning supplies for specific areas of the workplace to avoid cross-contamination and spread of bacteria throughout the office.