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Using JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning of Southern Colorado as your commercial kitchen cleaning provider can be beneficial for your restaurant in Colorado Springs, CO

Are you still on the fence about hiring a professional cleaning service to keep your local restaurant clean in Colorado Springs, CO? You shouldn’t be. Having a clean and properly sanitized restaurant is a no brainer for business owners across the country. Invisible enemies like foodborne illness, bacteria and viruses can put a huge damper on the success of your restaurant. Having a professional commercial kitchen cleaning service manage the health of your dining environment is a critical defense to ensure no disruptions to your restaurant. These are the top benefits you can expect from hiring professionals.

Less Burden on Servers

If you’re handling all of the cleanings internally, it’s likely that your servers are taking on the role. This makes it difficult for them to handle important tasks like making sure your clients are served on time and happy. Additionally, your clients will probably notice your staff rushing to clean during work hours. Our commercial kitchen cleaning services provide a flexible schedule for professional cleaning that can take place when your employees and customers go home.

Providing the Best Impression on Customers

Professional commercial kitchen cleaning services like us, focus on attention to detail. We make sure every nook and cranny are truly pristine in your restaurant so your customers can visually see that you care tremendously about their comfort, health, and dining experience. Leaving the cleaning up to those who are not trained can leave many facets untouched and your customers noticing the slack.

Staying in Business

When your customers and staff become ill, you can expect health code checkups to follow. It’s financially burdensome for restaurants to have to shutter their doors during a health inspection or investigation. These can be completely avoided by simply having professional help to maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant and minimize the risk of bacteria or foodborne illness spreading.


JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning experts are up to date on all healthy codes and standards. We make sure your establishment remains up to date and in compliance. We do this by making sure grease traps are emptied, cookware and equipment are deep cleaned, and all areas are properly sanitized.

You Can Relax, With Peace of Mind

You’ve already got enough on your mind when it comes to managing sales, staff, relationships, menus and more. There’s nothing worse than having to go home after a long day and also worrying about the cleanliness and health of your restaurant.

Hire a professional commercial kitchen cleaning company in Southern Colorado by contacting JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning Services at (719) 264-1117. We will take care of you and your local restaurant so you can go home at the end of the day with peace of mind that your company is reaping all of the benefits of professional cleaning services. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with all of the answers to your top commercial kitchen cleaning questions.